Greetings from the North Coast Storytellers!


Our goal is to share the love of oral storytelling with our communities. Please check out all our pages for events and details throughout the year. We are happy to bring master storytellers to the area when we can and will highlight their visits here. But the work of the North Coast Storytellers is to share our love of stories with YOU!

Be sure to check our upcoming events page--January 2018 Baba Jamal returns!

Located in Northern California North Coast storytellers are available throughout the year for school presentations and other events in the greater Humboldt and Del Norte counties. For information or bookings, contact Ali at 707-210-4555 or ali@mattole.org.

We are a program of the Ink People Center for the Arts. www.inkpeople.org

“...when we begin to tell stories, our imagination begins to flow out through our eyes and our ears to inhabit the breathing earth once again. Suddenly, the trees along the street are looking at us, and the clouds crouch low over the city as though they are trying to hatch something wondrous. We find ourselves back inside the same world that the squirrels and the spiders inhabit, along with the deer stealthily munching the last plants in our garden, and the wild geese honking overhead as they flap south for the winter. Linear time falls away, and we find ourselves held, once again, in the vast cycles of the cosmos -- the round dance of the seasons, the sun climbing out of the ground each morning and slipping down into the earth every evening, the opening and closing of the lunar eye whose full gaze attracts the tidal waters within and all around us.” David Abram

the North Coast Storytellers are committed to working together to support, promote, and perpetuate the art, craft and values of storytelling through education and performance.

For more information or to book a storyteller contact ali@mattole.org

Some thoughts from a conversation between writers (“Out of the Wild,” published in Orion, Nov/Dec 2013):

“Part of the reason we tell stories is to create fresh value for certain landscapes, certain relationships.” Michael Pollan

“And stories make possible acts of moral recognition that we might not otherwise experience...When we lose track of the narratives that human beings need to suffuse their lives and the world with meaning, we forget what makes the world worth saving. Telling stories is how we remember.” William Cronon